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Structure Building Clinic


Membership is open to any interested person 18 years of age and older who shares an interest in model railroading, prototype railroads and model building in general. Anyone 16 years of age may join as a junior member but must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age when at the club. 


There is a 3 month probationary period followed by a simple majority vote of the members to gain access to one of the largest model railroads designed and built for prototypical operations. 


Full, in good standing members are given a key to access the club 24/7/365. 


There are no meeting or construction requirements. The only obligation is to stay current with monthly dues which are $40 a month. 



What Makes PSMR Different?

* Operations - Our layout is designed, and being built, for operations. Everything from car routing to prototypical train operation is being planned for.

* We strive to have members who are involved. You can just come and run trains, but we look for members who will plan, create, and participate.

* State-of-the-Art - We use the North Coast Engineering (NCE) DCC system to run our trains. We also have JMRI set up and smart phones and tablets running WiThrottle can be used to run trains.

* Size - We have 800' (over 13 scale miles) of mainline operational. When all mainline trackage is complete, it will comprise a possible mainline run of over 30 scale miles without running through the same scene. The layout is designed to have operational flexibility.

* RPM - PSMR closely follows the Railroad Prototype Modelers philosophy of modeling from the prototype. While not modeling any specific scenes, we use the prototype as an inspiration for designing, building, and operating our railroad.

* Access - As a regular (non-probationary) member, you have 24/7/365 access to the club.

* Share and learn with regular people who have a passion for railroads and model railroading.



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